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Mimtec operate from our facility in Fareham, Hampshire and are accredited by BSI to both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Mimtec has extensive experience and capabilities in vacuum forming; pressure forming; twin sheet moulding; drape forming; acrylic fabrication and point of sale display work. We have particular expertise and experience in pressure forming which enables us to produce parts with undercuts and crisp detail including surface textures.

We also build assemblies incorporating mouldings with other components enabling our customers to reduce their vendor base by consolidating multiple parts vendors through us, saving them both management time and manufacturing space.

We undertake a wide range of projects and our friendly and helpful team will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

We serve many markets including aerospace, scientific instruments, transport, vending, and retail/point of sale.

Contact Mimtec (sales@mimtec.co.uk) and you will be talking to, and working with, people who want to understand your needs and deliver the correct solution. Our team will manage your project from concept through tool design, sampling and into production to ensure a smooth a successful implementation. We will endeavor to give you the best advice and an excellent service drawing on over 40 years experience our team has in producing quality products and solutions.

Mimtec team

A personal yet professional experience is what you can expect from Mimtec from the moment you we pick up the phone to the moment your products arrive. Throughout the whole process our team will work to provide a great service.


Mark graduated with honours in Production Engineering in 1982. He has been a Chartered Engineer for over 25 years and is a Member of the IET.

Starting as a student apprentice in the aerospace industry, Mark has subsequently worked in a number of businesses including metrology, medical device and smart card manufacturing. For the last 25 years, Mark has operated at Director level, being responsible for Production and Operations in several companies.

Mark was appointed Managing Director of A&M Plastic Solutions Ltd upon its formation from the merger of Adsum Technical Mouldings and Mayco in April 2005. Mark then lead the MBO of the vacuum forming side of A&M to create Mimtec.

Ian started out as an apprentice Heating Engineer, a career which he followed for his first 7 years. When plumbing finally drove him round the bend, he joined local bus builder SC Coachbuilders where he ultimately worked as a designer.

Ian joined Mayco in 1996 and has worked in the commercial arena ever since having dealt with Sales and Purchasing. When A&M was formed, Ian took up the role of Commercial Manager looking after Sales Administration, Purchasing and support for the field sales team.

Ian and his team deal with most day to day Commercial and Purchasing matters. Ian joined Mark in the MBO to create Mimtec Limited.

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