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Mimtec: Quality Policy / Objectives

Through working in partnership with our customers we aim to provide the best possible service with regard to:

  1. Quality Product – RIGHT FIRST TIME
  2. Reliability of Delivery
  3. Proactively working to continually improve

We believe that this creates the best environment in which both Mimtec and our Customers can grow and prosper.

To achieve these objectives Mimtec Limited operate a quality system that will ensure that the services provided will meet the specified contractual requirements and conform to the quality standard of BS EN ISO 9001: 2015.

Mimtec’s operations also conform to the requirements of ISO 14000: 2015.

The achievement of high quality and consistency calls for a systematic and disciplined approach by all employees in all activities associated with the customer’s order.

The Management take responsibility for promoting the use of risk based thinking within the business. Management promote a risk based approach to all procedures and aspects impacting customer service and product quality.

It is recognised that it is the responsibility of all employees to produce products of assured quality.

To this end, the management has established, and continually assess, a system of procedures together with adequate methods to accomplish them and to identify and avoid potential errors, the results of which will be evaluated objectively.  All operations shall be carried out as described in the Quality Manual and Operating Procedures.

The Managing Director has ultimate authority and responsibility for the effectiveness of the quality system.

The Managing Director is responsible for implementing and maintaining the quality system as defined in this manual and detailed in the Operating Procedures.

Any deviation from the procedures must be first notified to the Managing Director who has responsibility for final approval of all changes prior to implementation.

This statement represents the board’s commitment, on behalf of the Company, to the Quality Policy and to the continual management review and improvement of that system.

Each year as part of the budgeting process, business objectives are defined and used to plan the development of the business’s products, services and competencies including any staff development requirements.

These business objectives are used to set lower level objectives and define KPI’s to monitor these defined objectives.

Mark Waring
Managing Director

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